Reiki Priciples

Reiki Priciples

When we are studying Reiki we are taught the five Reiki principles for living a good life.
-” Just for today ” reminds us to live in the “now”. We only have to try one day at a time. If on occasion we don’t manage, tomorrow is another day.
– Anger is a conscious choice, usually triggered when someone or something fails to meet your expectations. You can break the cycle and choose a different response.
-Worry is linked with fear of the future and the unknown. It usually centers around the “what if” scenario. No matter how much worrying we do, it will never achieve anything or change anything.
-It is important to value and appreciate the many things in our lives and be grateful for our many blessings. Develop an “attitude of gratitude” rather than just taking things for granted, or thinking with regret about what you haven’t got.
-It is important to respect any work that you have chosen and to honor yourself by creating a feeling of satisfaction in it. Take satisfaction from even the simplest tasks. Work hard on whatever tasks you have to do, and especially on your personal growth and spiritual development.
-Everyone we meet is one of our teachers in one way or another, whether we loathe them or love them, because every interaction we have helps us to learn and grow personally and spiritually. Plus, if you are kind to others they are usually kind to you.

By kimkrajcovic

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