You need to be attuned to channel Reiki

I spoke to a young woman this week who informed me that she does Reiki too. When I asked her what Level of attunement she has received I was told , “The beginner, I guess. My Aunt knows it and she tells me, so I guess I do all the levels.” I explained to her that in order to channel Reiki you need to be attuned to it. You can read about Reiki and be given information on Reiki, but unless you have received an attunement from a qualified Reiki Master, you can not channel the Reiki energy.

You can channel the energy and give a Reiki treatment to another person/animal with a Level 1 attunement. Level 2, you learn three of the sacred symbols and learn to “send” a long distant treatment. Level Three is the Master Level. You learn the Master symbol and also learn how to teach and do the Reiki attunements for the different levels. Each level has it’s own attunement.

When receiving a Reiki treatment, you can ask the practitioner what Level of attunement they have received. Again, a practitioner can give a treatment with a Level 1 attunement, but, they HAVE to be Reiki attuned or they are NOT channeling the Reiki energy.

If you have any questions about any of this , please feel free to ask. Xo
Peace, Love & Light to all,

By kimkrajcovic

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