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Kim Krajcovic- Reiki Master/Teacher &  Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor Practitioner

Located in Saugerties, NY

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Offering for Humans:

  • Reiki/Integrated Energy Therapy® Treatments
  • Soul Star Clearing and Empowerment sessions

                        The Soul Star is the “Book” of your soul.

                         By clearing the Soul Star you:

  1.   Increase the energy of your soul’s mission, thus increasing the potential that you will live it.
  2. Become more aware of your soul’s mission, and start to live the next chapter of the book of your soul.
  3. Embrace and align yourself and your self-will with your mission, and dare to try to live it in your life.
  4. Clear out any fear of living your soul’s purpose.

                      *  An Empowerment session helps to heal the limiting effects of the past and imprint an expectation of empowerment and growth in the future.

  • Distance Reiki/ Integrated Energy Therapy® Treatments
  • Distance Empowerment sessions


Offering for Pets:

  • Reiki/Integrated Energy Therapy® Treatments
  • Distance Reiki/Integrated Energy Therapy® Treatments


Appointments are approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length

Will make House calls for pets
Gift Certificates are Available
Call or e-mail today!

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