Hi Kim, Betty is doing good. She just went for her follow-up with the Oncologist and everything looked stable. We are very happy. For about a week and a half after her session with you she was more relaxed, slept very sound and had lots of good energy. I would like to set up another session with you. Please let me know what days you have available. xo-Linda…. Betty sends hugs!



Reiki is one of the very best modalities for true healing in pets and people. I have never seen a negative response in any of my homeopathic canine or feline patients in 31 years of practice. That cannot be said of very many healing methods….DVM Michele Yasson




Kim is a great teacher and healer! I had my first ever Reiki treatment from her and she just recently gave me my master attunement!….Debra



Kim is FABULOUS !! Both myself and my oldest pup have been blessed enough to receive treatment !!…..Rachel



Happy Valentines day! It’s a chilly -10 with a windchill of -32. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s going to be a snuggle up inside kind of day! Thank you Kim Krajcovic for our IET and soul star clearing sessions yesterday! I slept so soundly last night and actually slept in a little bit this morning! My back feels a little better too! Can’t wait to start the Reiki master class in a couple of weeks! Hope everyone has a great day!….Debra


Kim I cannot thank you enough for those two classes we took with you. You have brought me so much inner peace and the ability to just completely destress and decompress. I have never felt so relaxed, and at ease. For the first time in almost a year I was able to pass a horse farm and smile- not fall apart. That was my inner peace and healing sign of how strong reiki is. I know that you are only a “channel” but you gave me all the tools and taught me how to use them. I cannot wait to see what the next class brings! xo……..Rachael


Kim. Excited and I have to let you know.  I did a treatment on Steve tonight, and he was amazed.  Said he felt such heat and totally relaxed.  And as you said, puppies laid at his feet and didn’t move a muscle.  I’m excited!!! Thank you so much!…..Vonnie


Thank you for the Reiki treatment for Lucy! She really enjoyed it, and it was equally healing for both of us to watch Lucy embrace it….We very much appreciate you coming so quickly to help our girl!
For anyone out there interested in Reiki, Kim at Jasper’s Healing Touch not only performs Reiki on pets, but Humans as well. Kim has a very calm and kind personality and she was very well received by Lucy! Thanks Again Kim!…… Kassondra and Mark




Kim has done Reiki on me AND my dogs. They absolutely soak up the calming energy like two sponges. By taking them regularly, I am seeing a difference in their overall wellness and stability. I have had some on going health issues which have been very stressful, Reiki has helped to reduce some of the stress and it is complimenting the other treatment modalities I am using to get thru my illness. Kim does a WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!

Hello… I have had treatments done by Kim a few times. My first time I was unsure about what to expect, not knowing anything about Reiki. On my first treatment I could feel a sense of calm and with that came a river of tears! Lol. I have suffered from some serious leg cramps (during pregnancy and after). I never told Kim about them until we were done. During that treatment I could feel the heat as she placed her hands on my legs. They are now no longer an issue! My friend with a heart of gold and hands to match!!

Hi, I have been getting Reiki Treatments with Kim for about a year now. I have always had problems with my legs. And now that I have become a Senior, there are many aches and pains! The Reiki Treatments have been wonderful. They are not only so relaxing, but I have not had any problems with my legs and for the most part my aches and pains are gone. With the cold weather we have had this winter and all the snow we have had, I would normally be living on Aleve. I can honestly say with all the snow shoveling, I have not had to take any Aleve at all!! That is a wonderful thing!! This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I look forward to my treatments. It is a wonderful stress reliever. I am so glad I found Kim and her wonderful Reiki energy.

I have had treatments from Kim, it was an exceptional experience. I felt the process, emotional release, the cleansing and a re-birth. It was a wonderful experience and she found out that my blood pressure was high, which I normally have low, and she was right. She also helped me with a pain in my leg that went away. I still am working on quitting smoking, and had it the first time, till someone smoked and it set me off. I find her kind, gentle and spiritual. She has very healing hands. Thanks Kim, glad I met you.
Tammy Reynolds

I just want to tell you that the treatment that you gave me really was amazing! I never expected to see any colors, and the heat from your hands was pretty special too! I think the spot in my Lumbar area that has constantly been aching is not aching as much, and that is a big help to me. Thank you so much!

Kim is a great physical and spiritual healer, I have a great deal of pain due to a back injury and when she has worked on me it was like a whole new body was given to me!

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